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Stage Shot Morocco 5/28/2010
photo: Libby Fabro

Zakir, Karl, John McLaughlin and Dennis backstage at the Cotton Bowl (6/6/04) 6/6/2004
photo: A. Fells

Carlos and Orienthi jam during sound check in Adelaide, Australia (3/30/03) 3/30/2003
photo: Hal Miller

Cindy Blackman Santana 7/15/2012
photo: Hal Miller

CT in Oslo, Norway (8/30/03) 8/30/2003
photo: A. Fells

Raul & Idrissa Diop in Paris (6/24/08) 6/24/2008
photo: Gary Rashid

Benny, Dennis and Karl 9/16/2006
photo: Adam Fells

Guitars & Set List - Skopje, Macedonia- July 10th, 2009 7/10/2009
photo: Benny Rietveld