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Carlos & Ed find a peaceful tone at Sound Check in Las Vegas 5/30/2009
photo: A. Fells

Myron comes out of hibernation (6/14/02) 6/14/2002
photo: A. Fells

Carlos & Marcos (from POD) rehearse at the 2002 Latin Grammy’s (9/18/02) 9/18/2002
photo: A. Fells

Herbie Hancock & Dennis Chambers take it easy at “Hymns” sound check (7/15/04) 7/15/2004
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos and Hal in Hong Kong (10/31/03) 10/31/2003
photo: NSB

Andy adds a percussive flair to the Gothenburg show (8/31/03) 8/31/2003
photo: Hal Miller

Carlos Jams With Matchbox Twenty 10/17/2001
photo: Adam

Stage Shot 2/27/2014
photo: Chad Tasky