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New Santana Band: Tour Podcast
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Best known the world over for the group that bears his name, Carlos Santana has been reinventing and reshaping the landscape of the known universe's musical culture for close to four decades. A visionary artist with no regards for genre boundaries, Carlos' fluid sound long ago laid claim to the concept of "world music" before the term ever surfaced on pop culture radar. Having evolved and expanded for over four decades, the "Carlos" sound could well be on its way to becoming interplanetary music.

Santana: Multi-Dimensional Warrior 1

Welcome to part 1 of the Santana Multi-Dimensional Warrior podcast series! Carlos Santana is one of the all-time great rock guitar heroes, and the driving force behind 40 years of classic anthems. He's also recorded dozens upon dozens of albums that feature a wide range of music beyond his classic hits like "Black Magic Woman" and "Smooth." Throughout this podcast series, Carlos takes you deep into his catalog to play bits of tracks he personally selected for the new 2-CD compilation, Multi-Dimensional Warrior. He explains what this title means, how it connects him to his heroes (including Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley), and how "Luz Amor Y Vida," "I Believe it's Time" and other tracks reflect his deep spirituality. You'll also hear from two generations of guitar greats who have collaborated with Carlos Santana - Derek Trucks and John McLaughlin.
- , 11/24/2008

Part 2

No Llores
Gloria Estefan featuring Carlos Santana

"No Llores," is the highly anticipated first single from Latina songstress GLORIA ESTEFAN'S upcoming Spanish language album "90 Millas." The music video features a veritable who's who of Latin muscians - with stand-out performances by Carlos Santana, actor Andy Garcia, Sheila E., Jose Feliciano, Arturo Sandoval, Chocolate, India, Cachao, Papo Lucca, Johnny Pacheco, Generoso and many more. "No Llores" boasts a vintage feel as Gloria Estefan returns to her Cuban roots with a contemporary twist and a sound that harks back to the old country. Estefan's "90 Millas" is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2007.
New Podcast - , 7/20/2007

Sirius Blues Interview (Part 1)
Carlos Guest DJs and Talks with Show Host Pat St. John

Carlos sits in to spin music, and talk with Sirius Radio's Pat St. John about the blues, music legacies... and much more.
Carlos Santana - , 7/26/2006

Part 2

Part 3

Carlos Santana Records "Cars" with Naomi Striemer
Carlos at Tarpan Studios - VIDEO

An inside look at an extraordinary recording session with Carlos Santana (guitar), Naomi Striemer (vocals), Narada Michael Walden (producer), and Steve Nowak (executive producer).
Carlos Santana - , 4/25/2006